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Creative Movement is a precursor to dance technique concentrating on gross motor skills. This class is designed for 2 and 3 year olds and focuses on developing balance and skills necessary for traditional dance instruction. Class includes use of props and activities designed to introduce dance and movement to toddlers. Skills learned and carried beyond the dance classes include communication skills, memory development, and social involvement.


Mini Combo dance class will teach your 4-6 year old basic dance skills, creativity, coordination, musicality, and rhythm. Your student will have tons of fun with these creative exercises that teach traditional dance in non-traditional ways.

Genres taught in Combo Class are Pre-Ballet, Jazz and Tap.


The base of all forms of dance, Ballet technique consists of stylized and controlled movements and positions, which develops ultimate strength and flexibility. Ballet is beneficial at any age, and is a safe form of exercise and building strength. We strongly encourage all of our students enrolled in more than one form of dance to study ballet, as the technique is the foundation for all forms of dance.


Jazz is sharp and fluid movements to create a visually technical dance and style. It is usually done to popular music. Body isolations, stretch, turning, leaping and technical steps are taught in this class.


This dance form incorporates rhythm, timing, and coordination. Dancers will learn basic, progressive, and intricate tap steps and skills. Dancers will make music with their feet by performing rhythm-based choreography and have tons of fun!


Hip-Hop is a fast-paced and exciting class that introduces students to intricate popular movements to hip-hop beats and lyrics. The class may include breaking, popping, and locking. Hip-Hop is a great aerobic workout that develops strength and flexibility. Hip-Hop is constantly changing, and new styles are regularly incorporated into classes.


Classes work towards improving flexibility, strength, and control. Dancers will learn how to properly execute Acro tricks similar to the mat component of gymnastics. Routines are comprised of a combination of Acro tricks and Jazz movements; therefore we strongly recommend that dancers register for a Jazz class in order to compliment their Acro training.


This class consists of exercises based on Ballet steps performed lying and sitting on the floor. It’s an ideal way to prepare and maintain the body for Ballet – strengthening, lengthening & toning, whilst increasing flexibility. It is a great complement to Ballet training.


This class is designed specifically for the dancer who wishes to perfect and refine their skills of turning, jumping, and leaping. These classes are taught with an emphasis on technique and correct body placement. They are taught in a progressive manner beginning with the basics and advancing to high level skills and combinations of those skills.


This class appeals to the creative, artistic soul in everyone because of its expressiveness and freedom of individuality. Students will learn elements of Modern techniques and focus on movement from the inside out, encouraging use of breath, energy, and connection. A warm up of breath and energy work, followed by exercises that emphasize extension, release, weight, momentum, and force, culminate in long movement phrases and improvisation exercises that playfully explore movement possibilities. The goal is to develop strong, versatile dancers that can intelligently handle any dance style.