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Shane Kesneck grew up dancing on the stages across the East Coast.  He has competed in many competitions and has been Nationally ranked as one of the best hip hop dancers in the country, getting nominated twice to represent the United States in the World Hip Hop Competition located in Germany. Since finishing up a Tour with Recording Artist T-Pain, as one of his back up dancers in cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, Shane is also credited with a feature dancer role in the Sophia Fresh Music Video “This Instant”.  He has now come into the spotlight the last few years as one of the most innovative and creative hip hop dancers and choreographers on the scene today.  He serves as one of the most diverse teachers traveling across the country teaching workshops and choreographing for dancers in the industry and in the competition world.   He is one of the most sought out Hip Hop Choreographers, catching the eye of dancers from all across the nation who are wanting to learn his unique, authentic and intricate style.  He has worked with many dance studios, choreographing award winning dances featured in competitions and performances all over the country.  Shane has also worked with under privileged kids who have not been able to afford dance classes, sharing his passion and love of dance to young children everywhere. You can currently catch one of Shane’s classes at The Millennium Dance Complex in Pittsburgh where he is on staff helping dancers break into the commercial world of hip hop.