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Chelsea Sebes is an award winning choreographer and dancer. Chelsea has 17 years of extensive dance training and experience. Her evolution in dance began at the age of six at 42nd Street under the direction of Cindy Stein. Continuing to evolve, she then joined Elite Dance by Damian at the age of 9, dancing and training in all genres of dance for eight years under the direction of Damian Kush and Tina Kay. Chelsea has a unique and creative ability to express emotions through movement. She has worked with top choreographers across the world; including Ms Mia Michaels and Sonya Tayeh from So You Think You Can Dance. She is currently a member of the Versatile Dance Company of Akron Ohio under the direction of the very talented Mitchel Federan. Chelsea has won numerous scholarships and awards for dance technique and performance. She was a feature dancer for Radio Disney. Ms Sebes was also 1 of 50 dancers chosen from across the country in 2007 by Dance USA organization to travel to Bologna, Italy to represent the USA Dance Team. She has been a TOP AWARD recipient from Intrigue Dance Intensive, NUVO Dance, Hollywood Vibe, LA Danceforce, Dance Educators of America, West Coast Dance Explosion, SHOCK/The Intensive, VIP Dance, Hall Of Fame Dance, Adrenaline Dance Intensive, Star Power Dance, Star Quest, Embracing the Dream, Motion Dance Convention and Nexstar!

Her college programs include: Point Park University Pre-Professional Program, Ohio University Dance Program and is currently training at La Roche College Contemporary Ballet Program under the direction of Ms Maria Caruso of Bodiography, Pittsburgh. She is trained in Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, and Hip Hop. Her passion and love for her art is undeniable and contagious!